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First Lesson: 2 and 20 refers to the management fees often used by Venture Capital firms.

Helping Emerging
Fund Managers

220.VC is built to serve first-time fund managers looking to access the world of venture capital. From understanding how to create a fund thesis to launching your first investment vehicle - you will learn it all!

  • 8 Week Program Guided program to teach you the essentials of venture capital and the foundation to enter the industry.

  • One-on-One Each session is private and catered around you. Includes 3 bonus sessions with the program.

  • Tools & Resources Get access to the people, software recommendations, and guides/ templates to make VC investments.

  • Community for Life Powered by Top Floor, 220.VC alumni get access to a network and exclusive Discord Channel to connect.

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Services for Entrepreneurs

Fundraising for your business? 220.VC can help you increase your chances of success. Find out whether you're ready or become a pitch professional. Everything from finding the right lawyer and valuation advice to tools for helping you find investors.

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Download the below guides to help you determine if venture capital is right for you.

Who is 220.VC?

Herwig Konings is a serial entrepreneur and Venture Capital professional in Miami, Fl. He served as the Managing Director of the MVCA where he helped emerging fund managers enter the Venture Capital landscape alongside helping entrepeneurs and GPs alike raise capital from all sources of investment.

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